30572 : [45135] BARNES Busters™ 454 CASULL 0.451ø 325gr Flat Nose Flat Base Bullets


Heavy-for-caliber handgun and lever action rifle bullets intended for hunting bear, wild boar, Moose, bison, buffalo and other large – even dangerous – game. The bullet features a thick copper jacket and a heavy lead core, resulting in bone-crushing power with pass-through penetration.

Unlike conventional expanding bullets, the Barnes Busters track straight without deflection. These tough bullets are specifically designed to deliver maximum penetration, even on large and dangerous game. Bullets remain intact – jackets won’t separate from the core. It is ideal for those who carry handguns for protection against bears in Alaska and other wilderness areas.

Due to governmental regulations, some items may be not be available to export in your country.

More Information
Bullet Diameter 0.451
Weight (grain) 325
Manufacturer Number 30572
UPC 716876451357
Brand Barnes®
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