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  1. VTAC-DVD-1 : Viking  Tactics Rifle Drills Part I
    100 Yard Aggregate
    2-2-2 Drill
    50 Yard Aggregate
    1-5 Drill
    El Presidente w/rifle
    Stretch Kneeling Learn More
  2. VTAC-DVD-2 : Viking  Tactics Rifle Drills Part II
    Barricade Positions
    1/2 and 1/2 Drill
    Triple Threat
    9-Hole Drill
    Highsmith Drill Learn More
  3. VTAC-DVD-3 : Viking  Tactics Malfunction Drills
    Stuck Case - 9:15
    Failure to Eject - 6:49
    Double Feed - 3:52
    Stove Pipe - 1:57
    Clearing Malfunctions
    One-Handed - 4:20 Malfunctions Real
    Time Review - 3:01
    396 Drill - 5:24
    Reload Drill - 4:09
    Three Little Kittens - 4:39 Learn More
  4. VTAC-DVD-4 : Viking  Tactics Pistol Drills Part I
    Intro: 2:15
    Bill Drill: 6:41
    Half and Half
    Drill: 6:10
    1-5 Drill: 3:46
    Reload Drill:
    Triple Threat: 5:00
    El Presidente: 7:22
    Driving the Gun Drill: 4:27
    Added Video (Pistol Technique)
    Fighter Stance: 1:54
    Pistol Grip: 3:23
    Sight Alignment/Trigger Manipulation: 2:24
    Pistol Draws: 2:40
    Pistol Reloads: 5:08
    Driving the Gun: 1:12 Learn More
  5. VTAC-DVD-5 : Viking  Tactics Pistol Drills Part II
    Intro: 2:15
    3-Style: 13:36
    Tripple Nipple: 6:48
    El Pollo Diablo: 6:32
    Tri Lambda: 7:45
    Highsmith Drill: 6:46
    Zig-Zag Drill: 4:58
    9 Hole Drill: 5:40
    Strong Hand Shooting: 4:35
    Support Hand Shooting: 4:12
    Concealment: 9:23
    Retention Position: 6:12
    Barricade Firing Positions: 11:46
    396 Drill: 5:25
    Rifle Reloads:4:09 Learn More
  6. VTAC-DVD-6 : Viking  Tactics Street Fighter
    Being Prepared While Driving With Your Pistol - 05:23
    Rigging Your Rifle for Vehicle Use - 01:51
    Movement From a Vehicle: Pistol Safety - 01:19
    Car Shooting Positions - 04:58
    Car Doors as Cover: Staying Low - 02:26
    Shooting Through Glass - 05:20
    One handed Weapon Manipulation: Pistol - 07:05
    One Handed Weapon Manipulation: Rifle - 06:47
    Vehicles as Cover: Staying Tight - 04:51
    Shooting From a Moving Vehicle - 01:26
    Pistol Scrambler - 02:32
    Rifle Scrambler - 03:11 Learn More
  7. VTAC-DVD-7 : Viking  Tactics Basic Carbine

    Whether your carbine still has that new gun smell or has gone through thousands of rounds on the range, it is important to conquer Basic Carbine Fundamentals to get the most out of your weapon. Sergeant Major (R) Kyle Lamb covers a range of topics in this video to ensure basic and advanced carbine operator alike have a solid foundation on which to build their skills and achieve top level performance. With chapters covering zeroing, stock length, carbine cleaning and much more, these segments will help you to dominate the fundamentals.

    1. Introduction to the AR-15 - 3:32
    2. Safety - 1:45
    3. Operating System - 9:09
    4. Iron Sights - 8:18
    5. Optics - 10:01
    6. Heading to the Range - 8:23
    7. Loading - 5:05
    8. Trigger Control - 2:49
    9. Proper Stock Length - 2:42
    10. Standing Position - 4:30
    11. Prone Position - 4:13
    12. Distance for Zeroing - 3:54
    13. Training Methodology - 2:53
    14. .223 VS 5.56 - 1:33
    15. Zeroing - 15:50
    16. Cleaning - 15:41

    Learn More
  8. VTAC-GEBR : Green  Eyes and Black Rifles:  Warriors Guide to the Combat Carbine

    From Mogadishu to Mosul
    Drawing on combat experience from Mogadishu, Somalia to Mosul, Iraq, Retired SGM Kyle E. Lamb passes on lessons learned to fellow Warriors.

    Green Eyes and Black Rifles:
    The Warrior's Guide to the Combat Carbine is intended to enhance your shooting skills, and refine the tactical employment of your combat carbine.

    New shooter and veteran alike will find a wealth of information, and numerous tools for their tactical toolbox. You will also see references to combat mindset, and its value in training and actual encounters. So learn, enjoy, and most of all..stay in the fight!

    Learn More
  9. VTAC-LITS : Leadership  in the Shadows

    Leadership in the Shadows describes, in detail, a set of leadership principles which have been proven in the most challenging conditions America has faced over the last two decades. 

    The author SGM (R) Kyle Lamb, spent most of his twenty plus year military career with multiple operational units within the United States Army's Special Operations community.  During this time, he continually honed his leadership skills while being selected for one critical assignment after another.  Leadership in the Shadows brings those leadership lessons to you.  Drawn from real life experiences, SGM Lamb's lessons will give you the tools and insight to raise your leadership skills to the next level. 

    Whether you're in the corporate world, military, or law enforcement, the knowledge in Leadership in the Shadows will help guide your team to mission success.

    Learn More
  10. VTAC-STAY : Stay  in the Fight: Warriors Guide to the Combat Pistol

    We all have heard the expression, "Don't bring a knife to a gun fight"- the ultimate parable of the ill-equipped. Gunfighters know when the moment of truth arrives and it is time for your pistol to clear leather, a shooter must not only be prepared, but also be more prepared than the other guy.

    Designed to help you Stay in the Fight!! Warriors Guide to the Combat Pistol provides tools to enhance your shooting skills and refine the tactical employment of your combat pistol so when the fight comes, you'll be ready.

    A combat-proven veteran Special Forces Operator, SGM (R) Kyle E. Lamb served 21 years in the United States Army and is President and Founder of Viking Tactics, Inc. Drawing on combat experiences from Mogadishu, Somalia to Mosul, Iraq, Lamb has become an industry leader in innovative tactical marksmanship shooting techniques. His experience, knowledge, and street credentials have made him one of the most elite and sought after tactical shooting and leadership instructors in the United States.

    Learn More
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