CLP-VT-2 : Rand  CLP Lube 2 Ounce


RAND CLP is the best eco-friendly All-In-One: Cleaner, Lubricant and Protectant. RAND CLP enhances firearm performance and reliability using a rare vegetable oil base and a proprietary blend of nanoparticles to create a uniquely smooth and durable surface. RAND CLP is non toxic, odorless, safe on all metals, polymers and woods and provides faster & easier cleaning after the initial pretreatment.

RAND CLP helps with:

  • Carbon build-up/fouling removal
  • Rust prevention
  • Jamming/malfunctions
  • Water displacement
  • Dirt, lint, dust - does not attach to the metal
  • More functional, accurate, durable firearm
  • Smoother slide, action and trigger pull
  • The state of the art nanotechnology we use allows our nano-particles work their way into the metal in your firearm and form a protective shield against rust, carbon and dirt. The vegetable oil acts as a scavenger, "lifting" the carbon/fouling from the metal, allowing it to be wiped away easily during cleaning.

Due to governmental regulations or manufacturer preferences, some product lines or items may be not be available to export in your country.

Following a manufacturers price increase, we reserve the right to change product prices at any time without further notice.

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Manufacturer Number CLP-VT-2
UPC 857724006012
Brand VTAC
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